“Trying To Move On…..”

Hi Everyone,


I haven’t been here for a while, but we have had a death in our family and it has taken a toll on all of us. With love and support from my awesome family and friends; locally and from other parts of Victoria I am slowly coming out the other side. It is sad when it is a funeral that gets the family together, but that usually happens with ageing aunties and uncles.

I went back to work Friday and still feeling a bit lost I am sad, but I lost mum over 6 months ago.  She has been there in body but not in mind.   Mum was a caring, patient, selfless, fun-loving, the best role model for my boys, very stubborn, dependable, loyal, courageous, a great cook and the best wife, mother and friend any one could wish for.  I hope, I have a few of her wonderful qualities and she can be seen in me 🙂   Life still goes on around me and it is harder going over to see dad knowing mum isn’t there…………  

I had a lovely day today at work out in the Autumn sunshine, which has helped.  I have spent a lot of the last couple of months, looking after my dad, as mum deteriorated with the Alzheimer’s. I haven’t been eating or sleeping properly.  I need to see my dietitian and she will give me a good pep talk to get me motivated and get my health back on track. I am going to go to the pool Wed as it is my day off and prob Saturday with my weekend off.  I have worked so hard to get the weight off, with the help of my doc, dietician and physio to avoid a back operation.  My boys have been very encouraging and supportive all so.     I am not going to stuff it up now!

As I have been going through this journey, I have needed to take a little time out and of course, it is scrapping that helps me. I wanted to keep a bit of a journal this year but it hasn’t happened.  I was thinking that if I  journaled a few highlights of the day, that I have more hope of keeping up to date with it.    

I decided to create a Perpetual Desk Journal so I can reuse it for a few years to come. This, also helps when I scrap any photos as I have a record of the events already.

 So………………….I came up with this using a box and supplies from my scrap stash. I used some lined index cards and a bit of creativity.   

cal 1

I cut the index cards in half and I had some calendar planner pages that I have never used so I cut them down to fit and added the tabs for the months.

cal 2

I stamped the 365 days with my Prima stamps and just did the year in my hand writing. The idea of the clip is so I know what date it is 🙂 So far, I am actually journaling and it will be fun to look back on what has happened throughout the year.

cal 3

I didn’t embellish much. Just a few die cuts stuck on the front 🙂

 I can thank mum for my “Creative Gene”, as she was a very talented cake decorator and seamstress 🙂

I found this idea on PINTEREST where there are lots of different ideas.

I hope you like this idea and it might inspire you to make your own.

Hoping to get back into a bit more scrapping in the coming weeks, as I have some lovely photos of my family and friends to scrap.

Have a great Week

Kerri x



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