“Junque Journal Update”

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week hasn’t been too rough!  I have had a massive fortnight and this week is my quieter one!.  The weather here in Victoria has been very cold the last few mornings and it does nothing to encourage me to get up or go to the pool!  Oh well, we are into the second month of Winter and it will be over before we know it! 🙂  Since my back trouble, I have Wednesdays off, which helps me cope with the rest of my working fortnight.  I have been doing the night shift for just on four years and I have dropped one night, which will make a difference to me.


I thought I would share with you, my progress on my two journals.

photo 1

Above, is my finished Photo Journal Cover. I added a couple more embellishments, a title and I love Jumbo eyelets.  They protect the punched holes for the binder rings to hold my album together.

Above, are a few of the Journal pages I played around with today. The album will be in the order of the months when I get a bit more caught up! Lots have happened in this first half of 2017 and it will be great to have it all together.

Now, on to my Junque Journal……………………..

journal 1

This is another Altered Book I have created and I am using it as a Junque Journal to keep things in it that I love. It will have letters, ephemera, tickets, cards and all sorts of things I have kept in a box over during my life. I am a very sentimental person and some items I have kept as they are happy memories. The cover I made with some fabric and the inside is covered with paper. I added the denim, tag, flower I made and embellishment from my stash and a title.

jouranl w

Above you can see I replace the old pages with my new ones made from my pattern paper stash. I made 7 signatures of different paper.  I will add pockets and things as I work on it.

jouranl 2

This is the spine which I glued a fabric ruffle down the length of it. I used twine this time to make my bindings and added buttons for some texture. I am really pleased with my Junque Journal and I am going to have lots of fun filling it up.  My posts for making one of these Journals are here PART 1  and here PART 2.  

I hope you have enjoyed my post about my Altered Books and I would love to see yours if you have a go at my Tutorials!

Happy Crafting

Kerri x



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