“Memory Journal”

Hi There,

I had a nice weekend off and I have been making a couple of new “Junque Journals” One for memory keeping, one for Junque, (Stuff I Love) and one for Art Techniques. I am creating the cover of my photo journal using covers from an old planner and I will use metal rings t hold it together. This makes it flexible for me to move pages around.   This one is for photos and stories of 2017.  The cover is approx 8″ square and a good size to create on.


To start with, I painted it all over with white Gesso and while it was still wet I added a square of burlap that I fringed.  The next layer was some pink netting then over the top of that some fabric. I then stencilled with some texture paste and lastly added some napkin. I am very happy with the layers and I have covered the insides with Gesso. followed while still wet with some pattern paper.

I have started on my Art Journal and I am thinking about my Technique Journal.  I will show you these ones as they come together. The covers are nearly finished on my Junque Journal. but still, a bit to do like adding the pages and decorating the cover. I am using file folders as they are nice and sturdy and I can alter them the way I want to with photos. I like this idea at the moment, over other size layouts and it will have all our memories in the one journal.

Stay tuned for more progress on my journal.



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