“A Bit More Art”

Hi There,

Have been feeling a bit unwell today and I was home from work. I have not had a sick day in over 12 months I reckon. Just a bit of a bug but like us women, I soldier on!

It was my baby’s 20th Birthday today, I have no idea where that time has gone. I am so proud of Jayden and where he has come in the last 6 months.  I made him a special dinner and a Hedgehog slice was all he wanted. His brother came around and they mucked around as they do.  I watched a bit of TV with them and we had a chat and caught up for the week.

As I have made such a mess on my desk, I have just kept puddling in my Art Journal, as I felt up to it, I came up with this page. I love birds, butterflies and flowers so this one was pretty colourful. It’s Winter here so some colour was called for today and it cheered me up.

birds 2

With this page, I played around with some spray inks and then some stamping, with some paint. I added some stamping on the background with black ink and also stamped and coloured some flowers, birds and butterflies. I am really enjoying using my stamps. I stamped them with Stazon ink, then I water-coloured them, hand cut and adhered them to my pages. I love the dimension this gives the page and you can see the other images on the back. I used the quote ” Life Is A Sequence Of Moments, Called Now”

Another couple of pages created and this is a lot of fun, just experimenting and creating whatever comes into my head!!  Not sure how much I will get done over the next few days as it is my weekend to work!

Stay tuned and Happy Stamping.

Kerri x



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