“I Want To Break Free”

Hi there,

There would be a few of you, who know these lyrics to this song! I know that might sound a little weird but, It’s how I sort of feel at the moment.?  It is hard to explain, but I just want to break all the traditional rules of scrapping and crafting, etc and do my own thing.……………………………..

I have dabbled with mixed media, but I think I need a change and try a bit more ‘ART JOURNALING’  This is a no rules, do your own thing way of creating.

WHAT IS ART JOURNAL?   –    1.  An art journal, or artist’s journal, is a book kept by an artist as a visual, and sometimes verbal, record of her thoughts and ideas. 2. Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing, to create finished pages. 3. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists.

Creating an ART JOURNAL – 1.   is a personal way to put my  thoughts and feelings into Words and Images. 2.  A way to express myself with no judgement or barriers. 3.  I can create anything I like and that is why I have started. 4.  I have lots of ideas for mine, from trying different techniques to using quotes and even having a go at drawing 🙂  5.  I am going to learn how to use simple art techniques in a blank journal for personal growth and to take care of my feelings while having fun.

My boys draw in a visual diary all the time and they love it.   It is a great creative outlet for anyone . I am by no means an artist, but I think I have a bit of the creative gene from my mum. She had a talent for making and decorating beautiful wedding cakes etc.  I’m not going for perfection creating my journal pages, as this is just not me.  The messier and rustic the better!    It’s one of the most forgiving ways to make art because in an art journal, everything you make is safely contained within your own personal book.

There are lots of tutorials and videos on You Tube to help get you started! As I am a scrapper, stamper etc I don’t need to buy any supplies. I am using my stash and a journal that I bought and hadn’t done anything with. It is an A5 size; as I have decided on a smaller one. so I don’t get overwhelmed with space. As I do more I will prob go to an A4 size. You probably have all you need to get started in your stash!


  1.  Ink Pad –  I love Black Stazon as you can stamp on any surface with it.
  2.  Crayons –  To use to watercolour. I have Gelatos and they will do the trick.
  3.  A Journal – Think about what you want to create and if the binding allows for expansion.  You will add lots to it!
  4.  Watercolour Set – I have a set in a pallet and also some paints in a tube.
  5.  Coloured Pencils – I have some Derwent Inktense and some others. You can use any you like.
  6.  Paintbrushes – Mine are inexpensive ones and they are fine. I love using foam brushes also.
  7. Gesso – You really do need this when using wet mediums.  It is a primer which creates a smooth surface to work on. You need to apply this so that your work doesn’t bleed through the page and tear.
  8.  Acrylic Paint – any is fine. I mainly have Monte Mart and Kaisercraft tubes.
  9.  Sharpies – These pens are awesome to write with. The don’t need to be archival safe for these projects.
  10.  Stamps – I have a ton and I am going to use them. I love them for images and for jouranling. They are so versatile!!!
  11.  Magazines/Catalogues – Great for collage. I have heaps of scrapbooking paper and different textures to use.
  12. Washi Tape – I Love it and use it for scrapbooking and other projects.  Not an essential but so much fun to use. Adds interest and you can get them in a variety of designs.
 I have a box of bits and bobs I have collected, like, twine, fabric, tissue paper, burlap etc and I intend on using these in my journaling journey too 🙂
art 1
This is the cover of my Journal. It has a canvas cover so I had a play 🙂
I put my journal upright on some paper towels with the covers open. I then sprayed a few different Dylsuions ink at the top and the spritzed with water to get the inks to run! I added some texture paste through a stencil for some interest and the heart I cut out from some of the paper towel that was soaking up the ink from my spraying.  I added a bit of muslin for some texture with die cut butterflies, a couple of flair buttons, a rub-on, bit of washi tape and a stamped bird.
I enjoyed creating this so much and I have lots of ideas to add to my journal
Stay tuned 🙂
Happy Crafting
Kerri x

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