“Pocket Letter Happy Mail”

Hi Ladies, a busy day at work and I came home to some lovely “Happy Mail”

I received two lovely Pocket Letters from my Pocket Pals, Sue and Carolanne.

pocket 1

I am an owl nut from way back lol.  The lovely Sue made this for me. It has lots of goodies in the back of the pockets for me to use on projects. So lovely to look through and of course read the letter she sent me which is the whole idea; to have Pocket Pals and to get o know them.

pocket 2

This lovely PL was made by a lady who I have swapped with before. Carolanne made this one in the Cooking Theme which was for our May Swap set in the group. I have nearly finished hers to send off to her. It is so much fun sharing this fun hobby with other ladies and making new friends even if it is online.

If you are interested in joining in this fun art, feel free to ask me to connect you with our lovely groups on Face Book.

Happy Swapping

Kerri x


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