“Mixed Media Technique”

Hi Scrapers!

The start of a brand new week, and all ready a busy one for me! I have been pudding with some mixed media over the weekend when time permitted. I saw a background technique on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a go. I am creating a “mixed media” themed Pocket Letter for a swap and I thought this would be fun to try.

First I found some Water colour paper in my stash and a dye ink which reacts with water. I used a Distress stamp pad and I swiped it over some clear acetate, spritzed over it with some water, then turned it over and pressed down onto the watercolour paper. It made this really cool effect that you can see below.

tech 2

What I did next created all the flecks on the paper. I found some normal rice in the pantry and sprinkled it over while still wet. I spritzed a little more water, then let it dry.   I shook the rice off into the bin and I was left with this cool effect on the paper.

tech 3

I really love the effect and it was so much fun to play with.  You can see where the rice was sitting. This card stock I am using for the backgrounds of the Pocket Cards I am making.

Stay Tuned and I will show you my finished Pocket Cards very soon!

Happy Scrapping

Kerri x


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