“April/May Bash Your Stash Challenge!”Part 1

Welcome ladies to Part 1 of my Bash Your Stash April/May Challenge.

If you don’t know, my name is Kerri and I am an Aussie scraper, stamper general mess maker! (when time allows ūüėČ

This month we are putting together a kit to make an Altered Journal in May for National Scrapbooking Month. You will also need to find a book to recycle from your local library or thrift shop to turn into a lovely altered project.

In choosing your book you will need to look for one approximately 6″ across and 9″ high. It won’t be able to be any higher than 12″ or your 12×12 pattern papers wont fit in it.

My book is going to hold my childhood photos and memories of my biological father who passed away when my sister and I were very young. I haven’t scrapped any of these photos as I wasn’t sure how to go about them, not having a lot of memories of him. Over the years mum has shared many stories or his work and hobbies and now I feel I do know my dad a little better. It will be wonderful to have all these memories of him together for me and my boys to know their biological Grandfather.


When looking for your book to Alter, it will need to be in pretty good condition and have spines that have been sewn in for a better and stronger finish. By seeing the gap at the back you will know they are right for your project. Both mine I found at our local library for a gold coin donation and these were both out of date novels. I chose a thick book so I can add lots of pages to it!

Now to your kit………………………….

Like my Clipboard Project, you will need to decided on the use of your Journal. Are you going to use it as a Planner, for Quotes, as a Technique and Idea Book, maybe as a colour you love, mixed media, for Inspiration, to use as a Junque Journal to keep memorabilia like receipts etc in, an Art Journal, Lists, Recipes, or just a Pretty Place to journal your thoughts and ideas in. The ideas are endless and your book/journal can have many uses. With this in mind, you will need to find some papers and embellishments to create your work of art. Don’t stress too much as you can add and subtract to your kit along the way as it is of course using your stash!!!!

You will be making the cover and decorating it over the weekend and making one of your page signatures (group of pages and binding), just so I know you have the idea of how to finish it yourself.  Also, I am around during the day in-between work and if you need any help so feel free to ask questions if needed!

So…….. have a think about what you would like to use on your cover? This will probably be the Title of your Altered Book and some decorating in your theme. ¬†You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like. You can use any medium or materials you like also, so enjoy the process! Fun and relaxation is what this great hobby of ours is for and some learning thrown in for good measure!!


As you can see with my kit above, I have tried to do a colour theme in thinking of the old black and white plus sepia photos that I will be putting in my ‘mini album’ altered book. Using lots of neutrals and a hint of colours to add to the era of my photos which will mostly be 60’s. 70’s and 80’s with other photos of my sister and I as we grew up. I also wanted some plainer pieces of paper to be able to add jouranling to and some stories from mum. Also, if you come to do the book and you have changed your mind about what you want to use it for, DONT WORRY BE HAPPY!¬† ¬†Just find things you want to use instead!

SOME IDEAS FOR YOUR KIT…….to use on your cover and on your pages………

Pattern Papers, notebook papers, ephemera, old maps, old sheet music, thin cardboard for some texture, old lace and trimmings, metal embellishments, frames, buttons, twine, wire, charms, watch findings, old doily, tags, flowers, tickets, felt, jute, stamping,  stickers, making with some texture paste, inking, spray inks, paper clips, staples, envelopes,

Anything goes with this project and there is really no right or wrong way to make this kit and book!  I luv making these as you have the freedom to do anything!

I hope you have fun putting your kit together and if you need any help please leave me a comment and I can help you.

I hope you enjoy getting part one together and I cant wait to share the next part with you

Happy Crafting

Kerri  x


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