“DIY Texture Paste!”

Hi there,

If you use Texture Paste you would know it can be costly if you use a lot of it for mixed media etc.  I had a jar of it I bought and after awhile it went all thick and hard.   I then decided to find and alternative.  I have made my own for a while now and I thought I would share the recipe I use to make it. It’s easy and economical as you would have the ingredients at home, in your pantry or craft stash, that you need.


I found this one on PINTEREST and it is great!  I add white Acrylic Paint but you can add a colour to match your project which is awesome instead of buying all the colours and it sending you broke!  You add the water to the consistency that you like. I don’t like it too thick but more than what Gesso is. I double and sometimes triple this recipe depending on what projects I am working on. It keeps very well in an air tight container or jar.


This is my jar I keep my ‘home made’ Texture Paste in. I added a bit more of the cornflour and water to get the consistency that I like. You can make it to your requirements. You will probably find other recipes on line for this , but I have found this is the easiest one to make.

I hope you have a go at making your own “TEXTURE PASTE” and you save a few dollars, as I know I have!

Happy Scrapping

Kerri x


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