“Handmade Flower Tutorial!”

Hi again,

I said I would show you how to make the flower that was on the layout in my previous post. Have you guessed what I made it from?

I was online a few nights ago and came across a video on Pinterest, with a flower made from a baby wipe that had been used to soak up extra ink on a craft mat. This was very clever and I have no idea sorry where I saw it.

This is my take on the flower.

Step 1 Fold your baby wipe three or four times in half to get some layers. Then with sharp scissors cut a circle. This will form the first lot of your petals. Then cut another smaller lot to be the top layers.

flower 2

Above, you can see the ink on the wipe and the holes where I cut them out.

Once you have your first lot of petals, you need to hold them with some scissors in the middle and use your heat gun to heat the edges of the petals. As you do this they shrink a bit and start to curl. Be careful it will be hot and not too close so you don’t burn them. Do this also to a smaller top layer of petals you have cut out. 

You can see I just layered each petal off-center to give it a fuller look.

flower 4

I then used my hot glue gun carefully, to put a dab of glue under each petal to secure them in.

flower 5

And Ta-dah, one finished Baby Wipe flower, finished with a cute button with a bit of twine.

The baby wipe I used a few days ago and I thought I would have ago at the flower with what I could remember from the video. You could also add some glitter or a bling center to the flower.  They would look great on an OTP project or on a card. Lots of ideas for them, plus you made them!

I am very happy with my resulting flower 🙂

Hope you have a go at this fun stash busting idea 🙂

Happy Easter Scrapping!

Kerri x


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