“Aged Paper Technique!”

Hi Ladies,

I am enjoying my week of leave and I have had some scrappy time working on my OTP Projects. I trimmed down my index cards to fit in my Recipe Box and I decided I wanted them to look a bit aged. I decided to try out a technique, using brewed tea! I made up 5 tea bags in a cup of boiling water and let it cool. I then poured it into a baking tray so it was easier to use.

tea 1

To start with I put the whole card into the tea, turned it over to cover the other side. I then dried them on cooling racks, with a couple of dish drainer clothes underneath. I didn’t really like the look of this so I tried again.

tea 2

This time I just dipped the edges into the tea and turned it to add a bit of colour to all the sides. This was looking great but I experimented further!

tea 5

This time I put 10 teaspoons of instant coffee into a mug with boiling water and I let it cool. I then poured it into the tray and dipped my cards into it as shown above. The result was a much better colour with the coffee than the tea. I really like the look of them and I will be hand writing my recipes on them. They smell ok too lol!

tea 4

I have coloured about one full pack of cards and have dried them and put them into my recipe box. If your don’t like the rustic look of them, they can be ironed but I like them the way the are.

tea 3

As you can see I have embellished both boxes a bit more and will get more of the index cards done over the next few days. They aren’t quite finished as I need to add a bit of stamping on them. I am very happy with the way they have turned out and I am looking forward to filling them up with Recipes and Scrappy Inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you might give this fun technique a try!

Happy Scrapping!

Kerri x


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