“Pinterest Inspired Gift!”

Hey there,

I have a friend, that I work with, who is getting married on the 18th of March, which isn’t far away! When she comes back to work I am going to make her a canvas with one of her wedding photo’s.

But…. Yesterday, I put together a little gift to give her.  I won’t see her till after I come back from leave so……… I made her a cute Bridal Survival Kit!

I was on Pinterest last night and came across these cute gifts made using a stamp case that I use to store my wood mounted stamps in. I thought this would be a bit of fun to give before her Wedding. It is called a Bride’s Survival Kit. You could make them up for any Event or Occasion!

bride 1

Above are the sort of things you can put in it. Things any Bride may need on her “Big day”

shez 1

In my kit  I put, Wipes, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Safety Pins, A Razor, Pen, Mints, Tea-Light candles, Bobby Pins and Choccies of course!! 

shez 2

I decorated the stamp case with pattern paper, Added some embellishment,stamped sentiment and clipped a hair pin rose at the top so she can use it!  I added a lace handle to the top of it using my hot glue gun.I am really happy with my little pressie for her and I hope it may come in handy for her on the day!  I gave it to her today and she loved it!

You never know what you will find on Pinterest………..

Thanks for stopping Bye

Kerri x


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