“My No Spend 6 Months!”

Hi girls,


Yep, hope you haven’t fallen over but this is happening! This year as one of my GOALS, is to manage my life better,  and ‘GET BACK TO ‘BASICS It’s time to decide what is important to me now and not worry about the past or the future. Life is HECTIC, and like most of you, I need to slow down and ‘ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS’ 

I have decided to not buy anything new for my CRAFT STASH or ANYTHING ELSE  for 6 months.  I thought that 12 months may have been a bit un-realistic, so I am starting at 6  and see how I go! I am making do with what I have, or up-cycling and re-purposing. I know it will be a test for me as I love to have some retail therapy!!  “I am a pretty determined person” so mum keeps telling me and I have managed my weight loss and diet for over 7 months now, so going to give it a dam good try! Of course I still have bills to pay, food, petrol etc but they are in the budget 🙂     SO FAR, SO GOOD!!!!!

My OLW as you may know is CREATE this year and I am also working on using my stamp and scrap stash also. I have started a bit more de-stashing of my stamps and my surrounds. It actually feels good to let go of things now that I haven’t been able to before. I feel more in control and happier. A few other rooms to go but getting there!    Less stuff, less cleaning and less spending sounds good to me. 

These are a few things I have been thinking about:

1. What is important to me? My family and friends, work, financial security and hobbies, in that order.

2. To slow down and breathe…………..to take time out for myself to go to the pool, have coffee with a friend or just sit and do nothing without feeling guilty! My health is on the improve and I am still staying on my food plan to maintain my weight. I am feeling pretty good, but still not overdoing it. I am taking a week off in March and in April as I am overdue for a break from work.

3. To be stress free…………I have no big financial debt which is wonderful and all my bills are automated, so no rushing up to the post office or bank. At the start of April, I have been invited to do Salary sacrifice at work too which will be great as I have never had a job that has offered it to all staff. It will be great to save a bit and pay less tax.  I am also menu planning which is helping me to spend less and not go to the supermarket as often, which I loathe with a passion!

4. To be more organised..…………if that is possible! With JJ back at work and him not having a car yet we juggle a bit but it’s not forever. I am taking one day at a time and not stressing about tomorrow or next week, or next month! I have never really been a planner person. I have a diary for my work rosters and all my appointments are put into my phone calendar straight away, plus I set reminders. I even put my car registration and drivers licence renewal in as they can be overlooked. I have never had much debt and I know where all my hard-earned pennies go!

5. Less internet………..yep, I am off social media more and I am enjoying my blogging. I do enjoy Pinterest, but I am not on it all the time. It is great inspiration for lots of projects and I can pin ideas and go back and read articles later!  I am putting my energy into other things like my crafting and cooking from scratch which is beneficial to our health and well-being. I also have an internet FREE Sunday. My oldest son usually comes around so it is great to catch up and spend some quality time with my boys.

6. Less stuff……….like I said earlier I am de-cluttering my stamp stash and I have started the house also. I have done my bedroom and kitchen. It feels great to get rid of ‘stuff’. I don’t need material things to be happy! I can now let go of things that I brought home that belonged to  mum before when she went into care. I am a very sentimental person and I think I felt guilty and kept things that I now don’t want. I am donating to charities or throwing out. I have no patience to sell stuff as I feel it’s a waste of time and energy. It sure is becoming a win win!


7. Watch less TV.…………I never thought I would do this but I certainly am. I can’t stand all the reality TV that is on constantly and I usually only watch the Tennis in January. I do not miss it. There is only a couple of shows that I follow.  My next job which will probably be over the weekend is to downsize our DVD collection.

8. Have FAITH………….I know this may sound odd to some. I am a positive person and I feel this has been given to my boys also. I feel being negative is a waste of time and energy. I do have bad days but I pull myself up and get on with it. I face things head on and I don’t stew over things like I used to. I have always lived by two things that ‘mum’ has always told me growing up…..’everything happens for a reason Sometimes this has been really hard to accept but I do and I come out the other side. I do not dwell on ‘stuff’ now and I just ‘get on with it……..”when one door shuts, another will open” this I feel has been true. When something hasn’t gone to plan, something else happens and gets me back on track. I suppose I do ‘HAVE FAITH’ that mum has always given me. I am not a religious person, but I do believe that.


9. Saying NO……..this is a major thing I have learned to do. Work was becoming a drain and I wasn’t enjoying it but when I started saying no to a few shifts, it was easier. I know I am a push over and I would go into work even if it didn’t suit. It was getting to the ridiculous stage and it was making me very unhappy, and flowing on to my family. This has also allowed me to focus on my ‘self care’ as work is a big part of our lives and we need to be healthy to work. I have started work with a new service provider in respite and palliative care today.  It is a breath of fresh air and a lovely change, working with other staff and guests. I am able to work around my Disability hours and it is really flexible


10. Focus…………………I am a pretty good multi-tasker, but I feel I get side tracked and I don’t use my energy wisely. It does become tiresome and then I don’t focus on the important jobs. I think now that I am learning to slow down a bit I am getting better at focusing on the job at hand and not trying to do 10 at once lol! eg: enjoying my cooking more and not worrying that I haven’t got other jobs done also. Like most of you we are only one person and I certainly am delegating more to others in the household.

I never just actually sit with no distractions and just be…..  I  am doing this more lately when I am home on my own when JJ is at work, and I’m in between shifts. It helps me clear my mind and even lighting some candles is good for the soul.


11. Lastly being Grateful……………..for what I have and realising I don’t need ‘STUFF’ to make me happy. It doesn’t make you a better person to have the newest car or the most up to date phone. I am living with in my means, not drowning in debt and not stressed to the max. I have in the past have had this to deal with and I never want to live like that again.

I have  comfortable house that my boys have grown up in, food on our table, now two jobs that I love, my health and two wonderful sons. A lot more than other people may have.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my ramblings…….I hope I may have given you some food for thought!

Happy Crafting

Kerri x


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