“Stash-busting Layout 4/52” “Isn’t She Lovely”

Hi Ladies,

I have been making progress with my stash busting this week, but this layout took me a while to create as it was in my ‘too hard basket”.  I used a scrap challenge to use 6 different pattern papers on the one layout and make a card with the scraps, as I do most times I create.

My sister and I lost a childhood friend 25 years a go to a horrible crime and I have not been able to scrap about our friend Carolyn. This is still really hard to tell you about and my heart is still sad for our beautiful friend.

Her mum and my mum, both Aunty Val, have been friends for 69 years through thick and thin.  In Dec 1992, just before Carolyn was coming over from Adelaide to spend Xmas with us and to see my then, new 6 month old baby boy, and my sister’s baby girl;  she was suddenly taken from us 😦  I still remember the horrible moment our next door neighbor came in to tell us the news and how devastating it was. I have never felt that way before and I hope I never do again…..

As I have been going through old childhood photos I found some of Carolyn, that Aunty Val gave our mum and they will be going in my Childhood Altered Book. This beautiful photo of her taken in the Nov 1992 had to be a special layout that I will be putting in a frame or on a canvas.


I have lots of memories of Carolyn when we were growing up and living in Warrnambool. My sister may not have as many as she was younger. We were always together with mum seeing Aunty Val and ‘us girls’ used to go to a church group together called Rays. We had so much fun and I can still remember when we were playing and Carolyn broke her arm. Fun times as carefree kids running around and not knowing what was in our futures.  Carolyn loved to sing and act and she was in many plays and theatre productions, as she had a lovely voice.

Below is the card I created using some left over pieces from the layout 🙂


We need to scrap the good and the bad in our lives……I really needed to scrap this photo and I hope I have done justice to Carolyn’s memory. I regularly think of her and how young she was. Her life was taken from her friends and family and our children she never got to meet 😦  I think of her mum often too and how sad this has been for Aunty Val losing her only child. Now as a mum I couldn’t even imagine living without my boys…….

I hope this is a lovely memory of her Aunty Val for you,  if you have visited my blog to read my story about our beautiful Carolyn xx

This is why I scrapbook, so my boys know stories about their mum and her life 🙂

Happy Scrapping

Kerri xx


2 thoughts on ““Stash-busting Layout 4/52” “Isn’t She Lovely”

  1. A beautiful Layout and tribute to your friend Kerri and so sorry for your tragic loss. I think we eventually do create about such things when the time is right for us to do so. She looks so beautiful.
    A fab card , it is so good to use up stash. I have been trying to do the same and I am really happy with myself . I haven’t been working much, so it is from necessitie as much as a feeling of acomplishment


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