“Sorting & Starting Stamp Index!

Hi Again,

I have just finished the next part of creating my STAMP INDEX for my NY Challenge to myself. In the previous post “Another NY Stash Challenge” I have shown you what I am using and now is the sorting part before I can stamp any of them.

In the first photo you can see I have sorted my Cling and Clear Mount Stamps into tubs by categories eg, Floral, Greeting etc. The two shelves of wood stamps I have also sorted the same way. I will divide my binder into these categories as I stamp them. I will  number the tubs so I know where they are. It will be a little work but it will be well worth it. I am also culling a few that I can let go of also.


I have started stamping the images on the A4 copy paper and then they will go into plastic sleeves. I am working on my KIDS INDEX. I am putting all stamps no matter what ever the brand together alphabetically in the same box. I am writing the brand and name of stamp set on the top right of the page.


These will then go into the Binder under the KIDS divider. I am using SU Dye inks for the stamping as it is quick drying and fade resistant as well as being acid free. I am also using my Fiskars stamping tool as I can do a few together and its faster.

This will take me a little while in between my other projects on the go, but I cant wait to show you it all finished. SO…. when I want a floral stamp I will go to my INDEX TAB FLORALS and be able to see what I have that will suit my project and what Container it is in.   No more wasted time……. I hope this post gives you some ideas on making your own STAMP INDEX so you can find your stamps too when needed.

Happy Stamping

Kerri x


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