“DIY Colouring Ribbons!”

G’day Everyone,

If you are like me and you don’t have a big room to store all your lovely scraping and stamping supplies, I hope this tip helps you.

I tend to buy everything white, where I can. I use a lot of flowers, alphabet stickers, bling, card stock, ribbons and trims, etc. I then colour them with my own colouring tools like inks, pens and mists. This saves me space not having to store multiples of coloured embellishments and its cost-effective.

I just wanted to show you how I colour my white ribbons/seam binding which I love.


I cut some ribbon off my roll then I put it on my non-stick mat. You can also put it in a zip-lock bag which works great too, plus you don’t get ink all over your hands. I sprayed mine with some purple Dylusion mist, but I also make my own mists up using ink refills I already have. I used the tweezers to mix the seam binding around in the ink on the mat. YES, ITS MESSY BUT THAT’S THE FUN! I then let it dry overnight, but I would have used my heat gun if I was in a hurry.  It is now colour matched and crinkled to use on your cards, scrap layouts or other projects.

I hope you have a go at doing this to create your own colour co-ordinated embellishments.

Happy Stamping

Kerri x


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