“Die Cutting Trick”

Hi ladies,

I hope you have all managed some craft time this week. I have had this weekend off work and have been working on a project which I will be blogging about in my next post. I have been busily cutting out some die cuts to add to my stash so I have them on hand when needed for my cards or scrap pages. Until I found this tip, I haven’t been using my dies to their full potential and it was a drag cutting them out.

I wanted mostly to show you a little trick that I was told about by a crafting friend. It is the best thing out if you use a Big Shot, Cuttlebug or an electic machine like my Ebosser 🙂

Below are the steps that I use for my Craftwell Ebosser but are the same for all die cutting machines.

STEP 1 – Select your dies and place on your platform to be cut; making sure the blade side of the die is facing up. I chose a couple of Spellbinder wreaths and a lattice heart for this one. Use the cutting sandwich which is recommended for your machine.


STEP 2 – Before placing your choice of pattern paper or card stock over your dies, tear off a sheet of baking paper the size of your dies. I use the inexpensive one from the supermarket. Home brand, select what ever is the cheapest.


STEP 3 – Place the baking paper over the dies, BEFORE you put your card stock down. My machine has an A4 area, which is quite large to use. I can get quite a few dies on at a time and it saves me time. I cut these larger ones to show you this technique.


STEP 4 – Now lay your material you want cut over the dies and baking paper carefully, so as not to move them. Some of you probably have a magnetic mat or platform which holds the dies down. I do too, but for this I showed you without it. You then need to put your last plate on to put through your machine.


STEP 5 – You can see below, the dies have cut the card stock once fed through my Ebosser. I left it there for you to see before I showed you the next step. As my Ebosser is electric, I dont have to crank a handle and that is great for the hands.


Step 6 – Once you pick them up, you can see how easily the card stock comes away from the die with the help of the baking paper layer.  All the tiny pieces fall off and you don’t have to spend ages trying to poke them through with an awl or scissors. This trick works with very intricate dies also, and you won’t break your lovely die cut piece.


I hope this technique gets you using your die cutting machine more and using some of your dies. I am always using mine now as it is now fun to use 🙂

I would love to know if you have found this tip useful, or any other things you have used that work for you.

Happy Crafting

Kerri x


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