“How To Stamp 101!”

Hi There Stampers,

I have been a bit side tracked this week with other things happening and I just wanted to finish my ‘101’ with you, showing you how to stamp. You have all the tools etc you need and It is easy but I thought a few tips might help you.

YOUR WORK SURFACE! – You need to stamp on a smooth surface, so a desk or bench top is the best. If you can, use a non stick craft sheet to protect your work area as stamping is a messy past time! It is easy to wipe up spills, and is handy for other techniques like swiping ink on to the sheet and using it to watercolour.

ADDING INK TO YOUR STAMP!Press your stamp a couple of times into the ink pad. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure, look at your stamp to see it is all covered. For larger stamps I always take the ink pad to the stamp, as this is easier to get a good coverage of ink.

STAMPING ONTO YOUR PAPER! – If you are using a wood mount stamp, press your stamp down firmly onto your paper, making sure you press around the corners and edges with your fingers. Don’t rock your stamp as this will ruin the image you have stamped. Lift the stamp straight up from the paper or card stock you are using. If using an Acrylic or Cling mount stamp you will need a clear block, to mount your stamp.

I am an odd stamper, as I mostly stand when stamping so I can get a good impression and use more pressure. I find it most useful when using large background stamps. It is up to you what makes you more comfortable when stamping yourself.

KNOW YOUR STAMPS –  You will get to know your stamps as you use them. By this I mean, one stamp might need an extra bit of pressure in one place or a stamp might need less ink to get a crisp image.

I always CONDITION my new stamps by, lightly sand papering over the top of them or rubbing a white eraser over them. This helps the ink hold onto the rubber, or acrylic better. I always test them out on scratch paper before stamping my good image onto a project. This shows you how the image is stamping. 

This Video just gives you a straight forward idea of what to do.

I hope these few tips help make it easier for your beginning in your stamping journey. It is addictive as you will see!

If you have any questions I am only happy to help you, if you leave me a comment 🙂

Stay tuned as I will be sharing some of my favourite and fun stamping techniques with you also. I am learning all the time and I love sharing with others 🙂

Happy Stamping!

Kerri x



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