“Stamping 101”

Hi Stampers,

I thought I would start at the Beginning for any new stampers or any of you that aren’t familiar with the different types of stamps available now. I use Rubber wood mounted and  cling mounted stamps, Photopolymer cling mount stamps and Clear cling mount stamps.

For me;  my rubber wood-mounted stamps take up too much space to store on their blocks, so I have converted them to cling mount. This way they take up less space to store like my other stamps. They are easy to put on a clear block and stamp. I also have a lot of clear stamps too which are used on a clear block. You just need to get a few different size blocks that you can then use for all your cling stamps 🙂 Rubber stamps are more expensive too as you are paying for the wood they are mounted on.

It sounds a bit confusing but it isn’t really. They all do the same job of stamping and it’s just your preference of what you like to use.  This video explains their uses quite well and should help you decide which you prefer.

Stay tuned as my next post will be about the different inks you can use and what you use them for.

It is important you know what ink you need for which purpose 🙂


Happy Stamping

Kerri x


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